TICC 2023

Student Oral Presentation Contest

Student Oral Presentation Contest

  1. A.Biocatalysis
  2. B.Electrocatalysis
  3. C.Photocatalysis
  4. D.Photoelectrocatalysis
  5. E.Thermocatalysis,
  6. F.Computational Catalysis
  7. G.Porous Material
  8. H.Reaction Engineering and Industrial Applications
About Oral
  1. 1.Regular Oral Presentation:10 min, including Q&A 2 min
  2. 2.The oral presentation must be presented in English.
  3. 3.Location: check the 2nd page, please.
  4. 4.The student contestants who can be selected for the Best Oral Presentation Award might be arranged in the oral sessions. 


Require Registration and Payment
  1. 1. Registration and payment: Each student should complete the registration and payment for the TICC-2023 Conference.
  2. 2. Show up: Each student must show up in your oral session.


Best Oral Awards
  1. 1.Join the closing ceremony: Best Oral Awards will be rewarded in the closing ceremony.
  2. 2.Closing ceremony:at 17:20, June 30, 2023 (Friday).
  3. 3.Certificate of merit:Please make sure all your personal information is correct on-site.